Psychiatric Care

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A Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (PMHNP) is an advanced practice registered nurse trained to provide a wide range of mental health services to patients and families. A PMHNP is able to diagnose, conduct therapy, and prescribe medication for patients who have psychiatric disorders, medical organic brain disorders or substance use problems. A psychiatric evaluation is recommended for clients (children 4+, teens, adults) experiencing emotional, behavioral, social, developmental, or learning difficulties. Upon the completion of a comprehensive evaluation, the results of the assessment, as well as diagnosis and treatment recommendations are provided. 

These recommendations may or may not include the use of psychotropic medication. If psychotropic medication is an agreed upon intervention, the PMHNP will prescribe the medication and will closely monitor the impact of symptoms.  If medication is prescribed, the patient may be asked to complete a series of medical evaluations, such as blood work to ensure the patient is in good health prior to starting a new medication.