Free COVID-19 Testing + Protocol

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COVID-19 Updates We are so excited to announce that Therapy Etc offers FREE rapid and PCR COVID-19 Testing for all staff, clients, and their families! We have partnered with Gemini Labs, who have provided us with a continuous supply of both rapid and PCR tests (with guaranteed PCR results within 1-2 business days).   Client and Staff Protocol Therapy Etc requests that all staff and clients swab weekly. Clients and families, please ensure a negative rapid result before your scheduled appointment. We recommend that you come 10 minutes before your appointment to avoid cutting into your session time. For your weekly test:
  • Please go to the 1131 Suite 107 (the blue one) waiting room.
  • You MUST turn in both a rapid and PCR tests(you cannot only complete a rapid).
  • An adult and/or pediatric consent form must be completed with each test.
How to administer? Watch this YouTube instructional video: The following items need to be placed in the BIOHAZARDOUS plastic bag provided to you:
  • PCR sample in the tube (write your name on the tube)
  • Rapid test result stick
  • Completed COVID-19 Testing Request Form(s)
  Call Yasmine at 847-807-8777 x 1 with questions.