A Message from Our Founder – January 2022

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Hello all, Every year, I hear people shouting “New year, New you.” But what does that even mean? That phrase feels so invalidating, as if we are expected to entirely discount ourselves and our experiences in hopes of finding a more appealing version of what we currently are. As we enter into this new year, remind yourself that you are worthy of being exactly who you are. It is perfectly reasonable to take an inventory of the choices and patterns you may have fallen into and make a cognizant effort in making change in that area. However, it is not realistic to expect perfection when working on breaking old habits.  Even as adults, many of us continue to conceptualize the calendar by academic year. Coming back from winter break can often give us the motivation needed to get through the remainder of the winter slump. With the holidays behind us, it can be difficult to accept the calm after months of chaos. This is where the opportunity to make different choices comes into play. Recognize that being successful isn’t equated with how occupied and busy you are. Instead, measure success in the connections and relationships you have with others, with your children, and with yourself. Be well,    Michelle  - Owner, Clinical Director and Therapist